Furnace – Gas & Electric

HVAC Service Omaha. Install a new efficient furnace in 2009/2010, you may qualify for up to a $1500 federal tax credit + MUD heating bill credit. Snell Heating & AC- Omaha NE Metro Area. 402-332-3531

Air Conditioners-Omaha NE-Snell Heating & AC

Snell Heating and Air Conditioning – Omaha, NE – offers energy-efficient Air Conditioners. Total temperature control. Service to the Highest Degree! Call today for a quote…402-332-3531

Why a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps offer great utility bill savings when used with a furnace and AC. Call Snell Heating & AC today to obtain a quote. 402-332-3531

Keener Electric Air Cleaner!

Better than an iconic or HEPA air cleaners, our highly-touted whole home electric filtration system removes icky pollutants from the air – surpassing the rest! Call Snell Heating & AC. Omaha Metro Area. 402-332-3531

VIP Membership Benefits

Snell Heating and Air Conditioning – Omaha, NE. The HVAC pro offers an Annual Service Agreement that translates into cost savings for you! You’ll get VIP status for service calls, plus discounted after-hour repairs and low-cost parts. Service to the Highest Degree!

Winterize Home Now

Snell Heating & AC, serving the Omaha Metro Area, offers simple low-cost home winterizing tips to prevent pricey heating bills.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Snell Heating and AC Omaha NE HVAC – 24-Hour Home Comfort Service in an Emergency – Omaha NE, Gretna NE, Elkhorn NE, Papillion NE. Reasonable Rates. 332-3531. Service to the Highest Decree!

Geo-Thermal – All in One!

Geo-thermal heat pumps not only heat and air conditioning; cool your home, but serve as your hot water source. Reap the benefits of a natural, water-based system that may qualify for a 2009/2010 IRS tax credit. Snell Heating and Air Conditioning – Omaha, NE – installs the best! 402-332-3531

Go Green – Get Green Back

Omaha furnace contractor Snell Heating and Air Conditioning installs energy-efficient units that translate into 2009 IRS Tax Credits. Hurry up and schedule an estimate today!

Omaha Furnace & AC Repair | Omaha HVAC Service to the Highest Degree!

Omaha HVAC Company.Offers24/7 emergency furnace repair omaha neb. Snell Heating & AC. Trusted. Family-run. 402-332-3531

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