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Like your vehicle, you need annual Omaha furnace service to keep your home or office heating system running right. Homeowners and businesses should take measures to protect this big ticket item investment or risk shortening furnace life.

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Furnace Check Up Process

When a Snell technician arrives at your home of office, our Omaha Nebraska Furnace A/C company conducts a visual furnace inspection looking for cracks and other tell tale problem signs.

We remove the burners, inspect and clean them. We take apart the assembly for a thorough cleaning. We verify limits and safety controls, gas pressure and check for carbon monoxide “the silent killer.” We make sure temperature levels are where they need to be.

Furnace Combustion Tests – Few Do

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Unlike most Omaha heating and repair service companies, we go above and beyond and offer much more. Gretna based Snell Heating and AC runs a much-needed combustion check to see how clean and efficient the furnace performs.

We run this diagnostic test to make sure the furnace operates within manufacturer specifications. This annual check keeps the furnace warranty in effect. After all, most manufacturers require annual furnace inspections to maintain the warranty.

Why Snell’s Better

“Many heating and cooling providers simply clean the furnace, hand you an invoice and are done. They do not turn a wrench and tune. Instead, when the “check up” is complete, they give you recommendations on items that they think you need, so you’re paying more at a higher cost. In other words, it’s common practice for competitors to up sell and inflate,” said Jerry Snell.

“Many do not run a combustion analysis. Our heating and cooling company checks to see if the furnace is under-performing, below manufacturer-specific guidelines. We find a lot of ill furnaces that fail the combustion test. That means you’re paying for more fuel than you should in heating bills. You’re also reducing furnace life,” said Ed Kratz, a long-time Snell Heating and Air Conditioning technician.

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A new furnace installation is a big ticket purchase – should you need a new one. While financing is available, the best protection to avoid a shortened furnace life is regular maintenance done by a certified Omaha Nebraska HVAC contractor.


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We think Snell Heating and Air is one your best choices. We’re family-owned, small town, with small town values. Jerry Snell is the master HVAC technician, with wife Rita handling accounting and customer calls. We care about our customers.

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Call us anytime for fall/winter furnace checkups done right. Snell Heating and AC Omaha, since 1998.  A+ BBB rating which defines us as a reputable Omaha Neb furnace service contractor.

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