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Bone Chilling Weather = $image-snell-heating-24-hour-furnace-repairs-omaha-neb

(News: Furnace Repairs Omaha, Neb)  —  With wind chills dipping to -20 degrees this week, your furnace is going to be ‘working hard and overtime. Fact: more energy is used for each degree the temperature drops outside. Without a doubt, homeowners should anticipate higher utility bills during cold snaps because if your electricity usage doubles, the gas bill doubles.

Change Furnace Filter Regularly

Maintain to avoid money drain. Snell Heating & AC™ Omaha recommends that furnace filters be swapped out monthly to keep the system working efficiently, especially during winter. It’s really important. Clogged filters force a furnace to work harder and use more energy ($). Plus,  there’s the air you breathe factor. Benefits aplenty: a clean filter cuts down on pollutants and particles – especially vital to the health of everyone, especially allergy sufferers.image-snell-heating-furnace-repairs-omaha-neb

Consider Gas Company Level Payment Plan

“Many of our customers seem to like MUD’s Level Payment Plan, so they’re not hit with whopping gas bills during winter months. Instead the bill levels out over 12 months,” notes Jerry Snell, Owner, Snell Heating & AC, offering 24 hour furnace repairs in Omaha, Nebraska.

Snell Heating’s Annual Customer Care Service

Speaks for itself. The Snell Heating & AC™ annual Customer Care Agreement  ‘protects your valuable investment. We’ll visit your home seasonally and run diagnostics on the furnace & ac. If something needs fixing, you’ll save dollars on repairs, too. You’ll rest easy knowing that Jerry Snell & crew, a family-owned HVAC Omaha company, will be there to help if something goes wrong.  Learn about the Annual Customer Care Service.

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