Avoid Furnace Repairs Omaha | Swap Out Furnace Filter

Furnace Repair Omaha Tip

Have you changed your furnace filter lately? Snell Heating & ACâ„¢ recommends you swap out furnace filters monthly so the system remains problem-free during Omaha’s dead of winter.

What Happens When Furnace Filter Gets Clogged

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Dirty Furnace Filter

All sorts of problems can develop if furnace filters aren’t regularly changed. First off, a furnace filter’s main purpose is to collect dust, dirt and other particles in your home. Overtime, particles build up, and if the filter gets clogged, air flow becomes restricted. A blocked furnace filter makes the furnace work harder, increases energy strain and that will result in higher energy bills, too.

Allergies May Flair With Dirty Furnace Filter

A furnace filter’s main objective is to collect air pollutants, including allergens. When furnace filters are dirty, filters are less effective in collecting the bad stuff from the air potentially prompting flair ups for allergy sufferers.

So the moral of the story? Regularly commit to changing furnace filters so the air you breathe is cleaner and your furnace runs more efficiently without preventable problems!

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