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By Susan Stern —  Right now, during Fall may be the ideal time for homeowners to buy Omaha furnace systems. IRS literature  (page 26) states that Congress extended Residential Energy Credits until December 31, 2013 for installation of qualified high-efficiency furnaces, furnace fans, air conditioning units and geothermal heat pumps. Read “Get Credit for Making Home Energy Efficient” here.  As of present, the IRS has not given taxpayers the full details of the Congressional tax credit extension NOR has the Government uploaded the required Form 5695 for 2013. Best advice: periodically check and/or contact your accountant for more information about 2013 Residential Energy Credits. 

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Omaha Furnace Installation Tax Benefits


“We always think it is a smart move by Congress to encourage homeowners to invest in high energy-efficient furnaces, which saves consumers money,” says Jerry Snell, owner of Omaha HVAC Company, Snell Heating & AC™, for one stop Omaha furnace installation.

According to the IRS: “Not all energy-efficient improvements qualify, so be sure you have the manufacturer’s credit certification statement. It is usually available on the manufacturer’s website or with the product’s packaging.” Contact your tax adviser, as well.

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Where to buy a new furnace in Omaha? Snell Heating & AC™ is a trusted Omaha HVAC contractor with an A+ BBB rating, a proven track record since opening its doors in 1998. The Snell family of Gretna, Nebraska offers personalized customer service & satisfaction guaranteed to all its Omaha furnace installation, repair & service customers. “You won’t get lost in the shuffle when you call us, like in a big company. We’re small. Every customer is important to us” emphasizes Rita Snell.  Snell Heating & AC™ – Omaha HVAC Company that proudly serves Omaha, Gretna, Bellevue, Elkhorn & surrounding communities. Bonded & Insured. Call direct! 402-332-3531

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