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(Omaha, NE) —  Service, service, service. Just as your vehicle needs regular oil changes and tire care, maintenance is essential for your home air conditioning unit to run efficiently. Here in the metro, Snell Heating & AC, your Omaha air conditioning company has a lot to share with homeowners.

‘Easy Spring AC $$$ Saving Tips’

1) Maintenance = Efficiency. Schedule NOW an Omaha air conditioning company service appointment.
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2) Change furnace filter monthly
3) Clear plants, leaves and other debris from AC unit
4) Set back thermostat to save utility bill dollars
5) Run a ceiling fan & direct spin down. Turn off when you leave room
6) Close registers in unused rooms
7) Look for leaks. Seal doors and windows
8) Control direct sun through windows. Close south & west-facing curtains during day
9) Consider replacing old energy-deficient AC Unit Call Snell for quote 402-332-3531
10) Buy efficient Energy Star qualified products. Plus, you may receive a 2013  tax credit

While you’re in the basement changing the furnace filter, consider Spring cleaning in & around the furnace and water heater units. “For operational safety – we recommend you keep combustibles, clothing, papers, boxes away from the furnace and hot water heater,” said Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC – an Omaha air conditioning company.

Set Back Thermostat to Save $$$

Yes, you can save money on cooling bills by simply lowering your thermostat before you sleep or head out the door.

Annual Maintenance Agreement…Wise

Snell Heating & AC, your Omaha air conditioning company, offers customers annual AC and furnace maintenance packages. A contract automatically ensures that your Omaha HVAC contractor will provide pre-season tune-ups before each cooling and heating season kicks in. You’ll save energy and money. Your system may last years longer with minimal costs. It’s never too late to secure an annual customer care agreement. >View 

Interactive Tool – Where are the Energy-sapping Leaks? Try it!

Courtesy of Energy Star, experience an online interactive tool on how to save dollars – room-by-room. Try here!  

Schedule AC Maintenance ONLINE Today!

AC maintenance should be any homeowner’s top priority, just important as an oil change for your vehicle. Follow our tips, but first call our family owned Omaha air conditioning company for AC Spring maintenance! Rates reasonable. Workmanship exceptional. Snell: 402-332-3531

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