2011 Tax Credit

Omaha HVAC CompanyThe IRS has extended a tax credit for HVAC equipment purchase and installation for 2011. Contact Snell Heating and Air Conditioning Omaha NE  for details on qualifying furnaces, AC’s and heat pump equipment at 332-3531. Snell Heating and Air Conditioning Omaha NE will help you determine which HVAC unit fits your home specifications, install and maintain it. The family-owned company will also tell you which units qualify for the energy-efficiency credit. There is a $500 tax credit limit.

Geothermal system qualify for a 30% no cap tax credit. No limits.

Snell Heating and Air Conditioning Omaha NE provides its customers a form from the manufacturer that verifies that a qualifying furnace/AC or heat pump has been installed. You’ll want to keep the documentation in case of an audit.

Installation must be made by Dec. 31 2011.