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omaha hvac servicesFall Furnace Check Up. Omaha HVAC Services

(Snell Heating & AC) —  Fall is upon us. Now’s a great time to schedule a professional furnace check up. “Annual regular maintenance is important. We check the whole system, heat exchangers, venting, cleaning sensors, burners, blower motors. A full inspection ensures your furnace runs at peak performance and efficiency,” explains Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating & AC, an Omaha HVAC Services Company.

Besides giving you peace of mind, a properly maintained furnace saves energy bills, and translates into a  safe and healthy home. Homeowners should do their part too.  ” You should check filters monthly,” says Jerry. Plugged furnace filters push dust and particles into the air, potentially aggravating allergies, and can trigger respiratory problems, such as coughing and wheezing.

The Silent Killer. Omaha HVAC Services Company Tests

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of an improperly-maintained furnace – is a silent threat. Carbon monoxide can seep from cracked heat exchanger-damaged furnaces – resulting in gas release – that can take lives. our Omaha HVAC Services company offers carbon monoxide check ups, too.

Best advice? Obtain an annual furnace checkup. Call Today! Snell Heating & AC. Omaha HVAC Services to the Highest Degree! Omaha – Metro Area. 332-3531

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