Omaha Furnace Contract Reminds Customers. New Furnace 2009 IRS Tax Credit

Update: New Furnace Tax Credit Valid in 2010.

(Omaha, NE) — The clock ticks toward the end of 2009. So, the time is now to call Omaha furnace contractor Snell Heating and Air Conditioning to install a new furnace before January 1, 2010. The IRS offers you up to a 30% tax credit in 2009 if you do so within the end-of-the-year time-line. That means cash back in your pocket. Snell Heating and Air Conditioning-Omaha NE will tell you which units qualify for the energy-efficiency credit, and install it right. There is a $1500 tax credit limit. However, to qualify  – there are specific stipulations:

  1. Furnace must be placed in service before Jan 1, 2010 to qualify for 2009 return
  2. Use IRS form 5695 (2009) Furnace must be installed at homeowner’s principal residence
  3. Save receipts for record-keeping & manufacturer certification statement
  4. If you’re building a new home, HVAC credits do not qualify
  5. If you wait to install furnace between Jan. 1, 2010 to Dec. 31st 2010, tax credits may be  taken for the 2010 tax year

omaha hvac service Additional optional equipment is available too. You might qualify for a 30% tax credit if you install certain alternative-energy efficient supplimental units: heat pump or geo-thermal units. Snell Heating & AC Omaha NE offers these products – at a reasonable rate.

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