Winterize Home Now

thermostat_wo_logo(Snell Heating & AC) — With a new season near, Omaha area homeowners concerned about high heating bills may want to be proactive now before Old Man Winter arrives with a vengeance. So, here’s tips – many of us forget to do:

  • Keep the thermostat turned down. Lower it when you leave
  • Schedule yearly furnace maintenance check-ups  
  • Change or clean filters monthly
  • If you have a furnace, consider installing an energy efficient system
  • If you install a qualified, high efficiency furnace, you could receive an IRS Tax Credit in 2009/2010
  • Don’t waste hot water, which typically accounts for 25% of a heating bill. Take quick showers/low level baths
  • Use cold or warm water to wash clothes
  • Weather-strip windows to prevent cold air indoors. Place in plastic or replace
  • Weather-strip doors. Use draft stoppers
  • On sunny days, open blinds/drapes. Close them at night
  • Add insulation to walls, crawl or attic space. Insulation keeps cold out and warmth in – nice! 
  • Close fireplace damper when not used. This prevents heat from rising up the chimney
  • Repair cracks or broken seams in forced-air heating duct
  • Seal all openings to cooling units (wall, window AC’s & outdoor central air units) to keep heat indoors
  • Don’t block heating outlets or return registers with furniture
  • Call Snell Heating & AC for a Fall Furnace checkup. Schedule one today before the busy season strikes! Serving Omaha metro area for 10+ years. 332-3531