Geo-Thermal – All in One!

res_geo_earth_cut-away(Snell Heating & AC – Omaha, NE) — The wave of the future – available now! Geo-thermal heat pumps offer – a trio of benefits. Not only does it heat & cool your home, it’s your hot water source. How does it work? Geo-thermal, as diagram on the left illustrates, uses water to absorb heat from the earth in the winter time, with the reverse in the Summer. The energy exchange is not only natural, but a highly efficient way to maintain home climate comfort. Geoexchange units move heat instead of creating it, taking advantage of Earth’s relatively constant temperature. It delivers more than three heat units for each energy unit used, potentially reducing annual heating/AC costs by 70% – the most electric bill savings of all supplemental systems! The EPA & U.S Department of Energy both consider geo-thermal the most energy-efficient & environmentally-friendly heating, cooling & water heating systems on today’s market. Geo-thermal doesn’t rely on foreign oil nor pollute the air through fossil fuel combustion. It taps into naturally existing heat. Great for the environment, quiet, comfortable AND affordable. You’ll save considerable money & possibly increase the value of your home. Install one in 2009/2010 & you may qualify for a 30% tax credit. New OPPD customers may get a utility bill credit. Existing customers – may qualify for a lower electric rate. Proudly made in the USA. Call Snell Heating & AC for a quote today. 402-332-3531